Our Authors


Chris Waddell

Chris was previously a Learning Officer at National Museums Scotland.

Isabel Wagner

Assistant Artefacts Conservator

Rachel Walcott

Principal Curator, Earth Systems

Lyn Wall

Lyn Wall

Loans Manager

Hugh Wallace

Hugh Wallace

Hugh was previously Head of Digital Media at National Museums Scotland.

Dr Stig Walsh

Stig Walsh

Senior Curator of Vertebrate Palaeobiology

Laura Walsh

Laura Walsh

Collections Care Assistant

Fiona Ware

Curator of Invertebrate Biology

Fiona Ware is a Curator of Invertebrate Biology.

Becky Watson

Eastbio BBSRC Curatorial Intern, Vertebrate Biology

Callum Watson

Guest blogger

Joe Watson (he/him)

Queer Classicist

Norm Webster

Norm Webster

Flight Display Director for Scotland's National Airshow at National Museum of Flight.

David C. Weinczok

Digital Media Content Producer

Photo of a woman outside.

Isobel Westbury

PhD researcher

Ashleigh Whiffin

Assistant Curator of Entomology

Lucie Whitmore

Guest blogger

Lucie is Costume Society Ambassador 2015.

Katherine Whyte

Katherine Whyte

TCV Natural Talent Trainee

Carla Willars

Carla Willars

Guest blogger

Carla has just completed her Honours Degree in Zoology at the University of Edinburgh. She plans to continue her studies at Masters level after some time working in research. Carla holds an interest in all things animal related and strives to work in conservation of animals around the world.

Alice Williams

Alice Williams

Curatorial Intern, Departure of World Cultures

Photograph of some Jenners Scrapbooks on lined up on a book shelf.

Linden Williamson

Library Assistant

Deborah Wilson

Volunteer Co-ordinator, Employee Relations & Resources

Maggie Wilson

Picture Librarian, National Museums Scotland Enterprises

Carole Wilson

Volunteer, Modern and Contemporary History, Department of Scottish History and Archaeology

Tornado Jet Engine, Kandahar Air Field © Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson

Guest blogger

Steven Wood

Steven Wood

Visitor Experience Assistant and a member of the Green Tourism team, National Museum of Flight

Sarah Worden

Senior Curator, African Collections

Dr David Worthington

David Worthington

Guest blogger

Reader, Head of the Centre for History

Nicola Wright

Guest blogger

Curator Helen Wyld.

Helen Wyld

Senior Curator of Historic Textiles