A week with roving reporter Robbie at East Fortune

Day 1: I have been to visit the National Museum of Flight before and enjoyed all the exhibitions and the atmosphere, and also the new exhibits such as the Boeing 707.  I gradually met all the staff who were all cheerful, friendly and helpful and I familiarised myself with the site. Not only technical information on display but personal stories about how they relate to people who worked here.  A very enjoyable day.

Day 2: Started the day off by assisting a sizeable group of Primary 3 pupils from Livingston around the museum.  Firstly around Concorde before moving onto the interactive activities in the Fantastic Flight exhibition.  They then made paper aeroplanes in the Education Centre and had flying competitions in Hangar 1 with them. They most definitely left with smiles on their faces, as did I.

Boys piloting the R34 airship interactive in Fantastic Flight!
Boys piloting the R34 airship interactive in Fantastic Flight!

After lunch I helped in Hangar 4 in the shadow of Concorde on a not particularly busy day but the staff were still as great as yesterday and welcoming towards me.  Then afterwards I helped with the stock in the shop.  Once again, another interesting day.

Day 3: The day began with helping in the office putting together an Airshow mail shot. Then after lunch I met with members from the APSS (Air Preservation Society Scotland) who are currently working on building a 1½ Strutter which is a World War One bi-plane. They also showed me round the Radar Room which houses radars from the very first types from Lancasters bomber aircraft all the way up to 1990’s Buccaneer aircraft. Another great day.

Day 4: My day started by helping out in Concorde as there were three very large groups of visitors.  One school was from the Shetlands, another school from West Barns and also a group of students from Holland. The rest of my day was spent in the office making up Concorde Information packs. Yet another very good day.

Pilot's helmet
Pilot’s helmet in the collections store at National Museum of Flight, East Fortune

Day 5: Unfortunately my last day of this very enjoyable work experience. Today I was given a Behind the Scenes tour with the Curator, Ian Brown and saw engines, propellers, fabrics, materials, an iron cross and model collection – there are so many items not put on display.  The afternoon was spent wrapping up the week. Lastly I must say thanks to all the great staff that made my visit here at the National Museum of Flight  most enjoyable and pleasant.

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