Technical toy nostalgia

Quick quiz: what is wrong with this model?

Meccano toy
What is wrong with this model?
  • It’s been bodged together in a hurry: it doesn’t illustrate the capabilities of Meccano well.
  • It has plastic wheels, so may be too modern.
  • The rubber bands will perish in time.

Could you do better?

Here in the Science and Technology department we know how important toys are – and are hoping for a couple more.

We have a small place in a showcase reserved for a Meccano model but nothing quite right to fill it; some members of staff won’t part from theirs and my personal collection is a bit too sparse to build what we want.  If you have some old Meccano in the attic and would be willing to donate a model to go on display we would love to hear from you!  The case isn’t large – we need a model no more than 12 inches on any side.

We would also be very grateful for a similarly small model in 1960s Lego and an early MP3 player from 1999 or 2000.

If you’d like to see your technical toys on display in the National Museum of Scotland, contact Maureen Kerr on

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