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As I discussed in my last blog post, we now have a full line up of aircraft and all we have to do is arrange them in an eye catching manner to provide a spectacular display on the day.

Hawker Hurricane at Scotland's National Airshow by Spencer Harbar Photography
Hawker Hurricane at Scotland’s National Airshow by Spencer Harbar Photography

As some of you no doubt know, Scotland’s National Airshow happens on the same weekend as the Sunderland Airshow, a three-day event on the north east coast of England. We do this for a reason – East Fortune is a long way from most of the aircraft bases (as is Sunderland). By having the events over the same weekend we can reduce the aircraft transit costs.

Because we want both displays to succeed we have certain aspirations we want to achieve – my aspiration this year is to ‘bookend’ the event with international display teams, whilst at Sunderland, a key point is that their Royal Marine beach assault/Royal Navy salute takes place when the tide is at its most convenient. Both these aspirations impose some sort of fixed timetable to parts of the event, around which we weave the remainder of the aircraft.

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon in 2013 at Scotland's National Airshow by Spencer Harbar Photography
RAF Eurofighter Typhoon in 2013 at Scotland’s National Airshow by Spencer Harbar Photography

If we consider the disparate speeds of some shared aircraft (Swordfish and RAF Typhoon?) it becomes plain that some ‘hard sums’ are required to get the separation times correct which will allow aircraft to display both at East Fortune and Sunderland. If we then throw into the mix that some aircraft, although fast enough to speed between the two locations in minutes require a refuel between displays, then the game gets really interesting.

Flying frolics at Scotland's National Airshow 2015 © Ruth Armstrong Photography
Flying frolics at Scotland’s National Airshow 2015 © Ruth Armstrong Photography

The presence of the Swiss PC-7 TEAM this year is obviously a highlight for me, and I hope for you too. I also have an aspiration that if the timing is right we will be able to welcome the team members to the show ground to meet as many of you as possible at the ‘meet the crews’ tent – they can’t stay all day of course, as we have to get them back to Edinburgh airport in plenty of time to fly, but I think they will be a great asset to the show as a whole and not just the flying display.

PC-7 TEAM 19
PC-7 TEAM in formation over the Alps © Swiss Department of Defence, Public Defence and Sport DDPS

Strange though it may seem, I am already contemplating the 2017 show, and putting together an initial ‘wishlist’ of participants. I am very aware that having had the Royal Jordanian Falcons and the Norwegian Air Force P-3C last year, and the Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team plus the Norwegian Vampire Pair this year we have got to try and find something spectacular for 2017.

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The Second World War hangars at National Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield have undergone a £3.6 million restoration and refurbishment and were unveiled on Good Friday 25 March 2016. The hangars house an array of world-class military, leisure and commercial aircraft engagingly presented alongside interactives and film.  The stories of those who piloted, worked or flew in the aircraft are told through thought-provoking interviews and displays featuring uniforms, documents and photographs.

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