Making memories as an event volunteer

I have only been volunteering for a short time, but I feel that I have already made some interesting memories.

These memories have been crafted when I have been helping with the activities; I have seen people make some amazing things. When I helped at Big Bang Bash, a space-themed party at the National Museum of Scotland, we were making space jewellery and hair slides. There was a guest who made a globe that stood up which amazed me!

Much concentration at #BigBangBash. We’re making planetary head pieces, earrings and necklaces!

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People get very creative and engrossed in the activities! At the recent Museum Late: Celts there was a visitor who I was helping create puppets, who hadn’t realised she was making a puppet!  She couldn’t stop laughing at how comical they were once she realised!

Volunteers at the recent Museum Late: Celts, holding carnyx puppets.

As an Event Volunteer, I helped with adult craft activities, plus stewarding and ticketing at the National Museum of Scotland and National Museum of Rural Life.

I have wanted to volunteer at the museum for a while. I wanted to meet lots of people who had similar interests and to get a feel for what it is like to work in a museum, as well as an idea of the different areas that you can work in. I am hoping to carry on volunteering and gain more experience with the museum as I have enjoyed it so far and wish to have a career in this area.

The group of event volunteers at the recent Museum Late: Celts.

I have found that I enjoy events and outreach activities, so I would love to gain more experience in these areas. I naturally enjoy speaking to lots of different people and I find it rewarding to make the experience of visitors as enjoyable as possible. The activities have been very interesting and, as I have  background in fine art, I love having the opportunity to engage others in making crafts.

I feel that it is important to get everyone involved in art and cultural activities and that it is for all to enjoy. I would like to gain more in-depth knowledge about the planning of events and outreach activities within the museum, as I am trying to build more insight and experience after completing my MA degree in Arts and Cultural Management.

I would recommend volunteering with National Museums Scotland to anyone, as it is a lot of fun to get involved with, everyone is really lovely to work with and very professional.

You can find about more about volunteering at National Museums Scotland here.

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