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It’s an exciting time of year for everyone at Impact Arts, as just this week a new group of young people from across Edinburgh met for the first time at the National Museum of Scotland with the aim to get creative with Gallery 37.

Since 2010, Gallery 37 has engaged young people (aged 14 – 19), in an array of creative activities and fostered a number of colourful collaborations with like-minded individuals.  Each year, there is the opportunity for participants to work within one of our four creative departments, these include: Visual Arts, Performance, Music and Digital Media and Animation. The groups are supported by a team of professionals (artists, musicians, performers and facilitators), who help them hone their creative skills, challenge ideas and work toward a collective theme.

Impact Arts: Gallery 37
Impact Arts: Gallery 37 Showcase

We are extremely excited to be back working with National Museums Scotland, as it celebrates our fourth year of working in partnership with the museum. Every year it is such a privilege to have the opportunity to work amongst the museum collections and to have a whole world of ideas and creativity at the end of our fingertips. This year our theme is ‘heritage’ and is inspired by the film ‘1 Nation, 5 Million Voices’ and aims to support the objectives of our funding partners; Inspiring Scotland and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Heritage means very different things to most people but it is a subject that is always challenged and explored by the young people we work with at Impact Arts. Over the years the subject has manifested itself in several different performances and has really challenged our view of the similarities and diversity of the people around us. We know that our young artists and performers can really push the boundaries of this subject further and we look forward to seeing and hearing what they create!

Impact Arts 3
Young people working at the 2014 workshops

Impact Arts’ Gallery 37 programme uses a variety of artistic and creative approaches to engage young people aged 14-19 who are at risk of disengaging from school. Working with professional Creatives, young people engage in an intensive programme, lasting 1-4 weeks which culminates in an exciting showcase.

Our showcase event this year will take place on the 13th August within the event space and auditorium of the National Museum of Scotland. We hope you will come and join us!

Impact Arts Gallery 37
Impact Arts: Gallery 37 Showcase

To refer a young person to the Gallery 37 programme please contact or call us on 0131 661 9102

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