Taking flight with Nina and the Neurons

How do aeroplanes fly? That was the big question when Nina and the Neurons from CBeebies came to film at the National Museum of Flight last week.

The aim of the show is to help young children understand basic science: Nina is a neuroscientist who enlists the help of her Neurons in her brain to answer scientific questions. The next series is all about engineering, so Nina and her three engineers, five years olds Macy, Campbell and Jessica, spent the day flying kites and looking at engines in the Concorde hangar to demonstrate the effect that moving air and weight have on flight.

A big thank you to all the staff at Flight, who were amazing on the day; helping the crew, finding plug sockets, dealing with curious members of the public, unlocking hangars and providing the odd piece of aerodynamical advice.

Nina at the National Museum of Flight
Nina at the National Museum of Flight.

The show will be on TV early next year. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates on the broadcast date.

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