Getting interactive in the new galleries

This week has been very exciting as we’ve just seen the first of our early prototypes for computer exhibits for the Royal Museum Project.

My job is to manage the development of all the audio-visual presentations and all the interactive exhibits – from simple touch opportunities, smells and sounds to high-tech computer games.

Over three years ago I started working with the curators and learning and programmes staff. We looked at the objects going into each new gallery, the target audience and the stories we wanted to tell and began to brainstorm ideas for film or interactive experiences that would complement the objects and help tell the stories. Now, after a lot of hard work and with one year to go until opening, we are beginning to see the ideas come to life.

The first two prototypes arrived last week for evaluation with our visitors. An Intern and a Volunteer took them out into the museum to check that visitors in the target age ranges could work the exhibits and also that they get the messages we are trying to put across. We’ve just finished those reports and the next two prototypes are arriving next week! Any visitors to the museum over the summer may be invited to have a go then give us their feedback so we can make any adjustments we need to before the final versions.

The countdown to opening has really begun now…

Testing interactives in the Treasured gallery
Testing interactives in the Treasured gallery.
One of the interactives will allow visitors to control the reintroduction of wolves to Scotland.

You can find out more about testing our interactives here.

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