Five days in the design, digital and marketing departments

I spent time in different departments during my work experience at the National Museums Scotland, meeting many different people and exploring behind the scenes of the Museum.

Discussing printed design material for the Tomb exhibition
Discussing printed design material for the Tomb exhibition.

I’m Stella; I am fifteen years old and in fourth year at high school in Edinburgh. I was given the opportunity to take part in a week’s work experience and in doing so I got a great insight into the inner workings of the museum.

A huge part of the time I spent at the Museum was spent learning how to use design programs and actually designing a window graphic to promote an upcoming exhibition in the museum. I really enjoyed designing a collection of graphics, and learned lots of new skills in the process.

Presenting The tomb exhibition work.
Presenting The tomb exhibition material.

I also learned about all the different jobs around the galleries in the Museum, which are done by different people in the Exhibitions and Design department. I helped finish the Museum’s Christmas tree, which was themed around Monkey Businessthe biggest exhibition on over the holidays, with a jungle look.

Finishing the Christmas tree.
Finishing the Christmas tree.

On Tuesday I watched the installment of a case, which was redesigned by the Exhibitions and Design department with help from the curators. I got to see how each object was placed in the case and labelled. I revisited the case later in the week to see how it had turned out.

Being shown the explorers case
Being shown the Explorers case.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the five days I spent at the Museum, and in a short space of time have learned so much. I enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes and how everything is designed.

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