Hosting the first RBS Museum Late was so much fun I’m doing it all again!

Ally hosts RBs Museum Lates: Night of the Mummy on Friday 24 February 2012.

Now it’s safe to say that the idea of playing records to a room of 1000 people while they enjoy their evening is a fairly cool one, one which I am lucky enough to get to do as a job, but getting asked to do it in a museum… at night… well, that was a different thing altogether.

I jumped at the chance to host and DJ at the first ever RBS Museum Lates event at the National Museum of Scotland; an awe-inspiring building with limitless possibilities as a venue. There couldn’t be a more interesting venue to host a night of forward-thinking artists playing to a totally diverse audience, spanning the years and tastes in musical genres.

Ally McCrae
Ally McCrae, BBC Radio 1 DJ hosting the RBS Museum Late: First Look Live on 11 at National Museum of Scotland November 2011

The first event was a night which saw me one second dancing in the silent disco to Dub Step, then the next I was looking up in wonder at the magnificent Millennium Clock Tower in full swing as the wonky hip hop beats of S-Type blared out behind me, a unique juxtaposition.


Promoting new Scottish music is what I spend my days doing, but going to an event where new acts can play to a great crowd whose minds are already open new things, in a completely unique situation – I may be out of a job soon. A great event for the acts, even better if you are the one experiencing it.

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