Stargazing, scary games and piglets: The latest news from the farm

On Wednesday 13 October the Museum of Rural Life held its Autumn Stargazing event. This proved to be very popular as we were fully booked and on the night we had a full house of 40. Unfortunately the weather was against us and the sky remained overcast the whole evening. Luckily Lynne from the Clydesdale Astronomical Society came prepared and gave a fascinating presentation on the solar system, so many thanks to Lynne and the society for rescuing the night.

The next event will be our Halloween Party, which takes place on Sunday 31 October from 3pm till 5pm. This should be another busy event, with plenty to keep the kids entertained, including spooky games, Halloween crafts and dooking for apples.

Halloween pumpkins
Halloween pumpkins.

At the farm it has quietened down as we have sold off a lot of stock. However, there has been some new life injected into the farm with the arrival of new piglets. The mother in question is Toffee, who is one of the pigs that we kept from last year, so well done Toffee as this is her first litter. At the moment the piglets are still quarantined as they are very small and Toffee is easily upset so we will keep our fingers crossed and hope all turns out well.

Toffee and her piglets
Toffee and her piglets.

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